Happy Mothers Day.

Today was my first real Mothers Day, the last Mothers Day I was pregnant so I’m counting this one as my first one. My husband got me the most beautiful frame of just pictures of me and Bella with cute little captions under them. He left the biggest picture in the middle empty so Bella and I could take pictures today and use one of those as the middle picture, it was so sweet. All we really did today was walk around the mall. HOWEVER, before we went to the mall, he took Bella out for a little bit so I could relax and get ready. While they were out I went outside to the backyard and I heard that dreaded buzzing noise coming from a flying bug that’s getting too close to you. Obviously, I panicked and started making seizure-like movements and flinging my arms everywhere. In the midst of my panic, I realized I should probably run back inside, which I did, then, as I’m recovering from my trauma I look down and I see it. It’s a bee. A BEE. THE BEE IS ON ME. ON MY SHIIIIRRRRRTTTT. Boom, more panicking, I used my phone and swat it off my shirt, and I ran. Yeah, I ran like a little kid that had just seen Pennywise. I ran to Bellas room and I hid in there. I texted my husband and was like “……there’s a bee in the house.” Guess what amazing advice he offered. ZEEERRROOOO. I was pacing around Bellas room recovering from the second most traumatic experience of my life (the first being the first encounter I had with the bee outside.) I realized the bee could get inside the room from the crack under the door, so what did I do? I LOCKED THE DOOR. Clearly, I’m not okay. So, since Bellas room is mostly used for storage there’s a lot of boxes of clothes in there and I grabbed a whole bunch of random clothes and stuffed them in the crack under the door, you know, like how we used to do when we were young, you knooooow. Well, I stayed in there for literally 15-20 minutes, before I decided I needed to just do something, THERE WAS A BEE IN THE LIVING ROOM. I opened the door so slowly I think it took me a full 2 minutes before the door was wide enough for me to walk through. I walked into the living room very slowly, expecting the bee to have become human-sized and be sitting on the couch with its legs crossed waiting for me like I’m in trouble. I ended up getting too scared and ran back to Bellas room, when I closed the door to her room I realized I had seen something on my back in…. ALL THE DOORS IN THE HOUSE WERE OPEN, like to our bedroom, the bathroom, all open. The bee could be anywhere. That freaked me out enough to actually leave her bedroom and investigate. So, I did. I looked everywhere in the house, my husband looked everywhere in the house when he got home, we did not find the bee. This all happened around 1 or 2 pm, it’s currently 7:17 pm and still no bee. That is not even the least of my problems today. When we got back home around 5:45, our dog Sandy was gone. She escaped from the backyard, we’ve been looking for her outside and asking everyone we come across on the street and nobody has seen her. I’ve posted her on Facebook groups and nothing. She escaped once before but it was because one the boards in our fence was loose, we found her around our old house. The fence was fixed, they installed an entirely new fence and I thought we were in the clear but she’s missing again and this time we can’t find her. I really hope she’s okay, we’re so worried and sad. I hope she turns up, I honestly don’t know what we’ll do without our Sandy. Well, that’s how my first Mothers Day went.

Thank you for reading.

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