DIY Pack N Play re-purpose. Cheap and easy.

Today I’m going to walk you step by step on how I repurposed Bellas old Pack n Play. She slept in it for the first 7 or 8 months after she was born but we decided to get transfer her to a regular crib not too long ago. Her Pack n Play has been sitting in our living room for the past month collecting dust and toys she lost interest in, it was an eyesore. I once saw on Facebook someone give a Pack N Play a makeover and I fell in love but at that time we were still using it for sleep so I forgot about it until today. Everything I used is stuff from around the house I already had, some of the stuff I used I bought for Bellas upcoming birthday, I had plenty left over so I’ll still be able to use it on her birthday. This was also super easy, I did it in under an hour. Even though all the materials I used I already had, they’re really cheap on Amazon and you can use the leftovers for other projects. I don’t have an area or room just for Bella to play in, her room is mostly used for storage, so she plays in the living room and since the Pack N Play had to stay in the living room, I tried to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible, of course, you can always use whatever colors and decor you prefer, this is just how I did it. I’ll include pictures and links to the stuff I used if I can find it.

Step one.

To be honest, I kind of winged this whole thing but the first thing I knew I had to do was cut out the mesh on one side to make an entrance. I used an Xacto knife but you can scissors, a pocket knife, kitchen knife, it’s pretty easy to cut through.

So this is how the Pack N Play looked before.


The left photo is the beginning of the cut and the right is the entire left side cut off.

This is the mesh completely cut out, the edges don’t need to be perfect because we’re going to cover them later.


(the Pack N Play mat isn’t dirty, just wet from being cleaned.)

Step two.

The next thing I did was just started decorating the Pack N Play.

I put a fitted crib sheet over the top it, mine was gray and white with a pattern on it. Then I used sheer white curtains, I already had these and they were stuffed in a closet not getting used. I folded them in half but not perfectly, the edges didn’t completely meet, I draped it over one end of the Pack N Play.

The next thing I did was tie the curtains to the Pack N Play, I used a brown yarn I already had. I tied up the posts and I also tied up the middle I just forgot to take a picture of the middle part.

I ended up not liking the way it looked with the fitted sheet over it, it looked kind of sloppy, so I threw Bellas old crib skirt over it and I loved it.


So this is how it’s looking so far. You can add the finishing touches and fix the curtain and crib skirt at the end.

Step three.

So the final thing I did was add some plastic flowers, vine, and a blanket. Initially, I cut the flowers with a wire cutter but I realized it wasn’t necessary. If you want more control over where the flowers go, then cut the stems so you can place them exactly where you want. I didn’t secure the flowers to the crib skirt because I wasn’t sure how to do it without ruining the crib skirt, not that it mattered because we’re never going to use it again. I bought the bunches of flowers at Walmart for about $3 each I think, you could probably get them cheaper at a dollar store, you can also find a wider variety at a craft store like Michaels or on Amazon. I also added a white blanket in there for extra comfy. I added vines under the flowers and some over the flowers and I let it drape over the sides but I later decided to bring the hanging vine back up, I thought it looked better. I secured the vines to the crib skirt with mini clothespins just to keep them where I wanted.

That’s it! That’s all I did. Here’s the final product. I moved the curtains, crib skirt, flowers, vines, and the blanket around here and there just to get it to look how I wanted.


Step four.

Happy baby.

I want to add that Bella is just a few days shy of being 10 months old and she had a little trouble getting out of it, she got in it fine but since it’s raised from the floor she couldn’t get out of it right so I added some pillows on the floor to the entrance so her face wouldn’t smash into the floor. If you have smaller kids make sure you supervise them while they play in it.

Thank you for reading and happy DIYing.

Here’s a  link to everything I used.

X-ACTO 1 Knife

Crib sheet

Sheer white curtains, set of two

Yarn and mini clothespins

Crib skirt

Fake flowers

157 feet of vine

White blanket

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