How I got back to my pre-pregnancy weight. 50 pounds down.

I think it goes without saying that everybody is different, everybody wants different things. I don’t ever expect moms to “bounce back” soon or at all after birth, you decide what you do with your body and loving your post-partum body is perfectly fine. I wasn’t happy with my body after I gave my birth, during my pregnancy I really didn’t care because I was growing my baby! A few months after I gave birth is when I really started to notice and be self-conscious about my body and I decided to do some research and try some things out and I’m going to share with you all I learned and what worked for me.


The first thing I looked into was intermittent fasting, I know, it sounds like torture, that’s because it kind of is. It was to me anyway. Intermittent fasting is when you fast for 16 hours, most of that time you’re asleep so it’s not so bad. You can change the hours as you like but generally, it’s fasting for 16 hours or so. I ate my first meal around 2pm, then my next one around 9pm and I didn’t eat again until 2 pm the next day. The only bad part about the whole thing was that I wake up early in the morning and going that long without eating was torture. After a few days of this, I really couldn’t wait until 2 anymore, I changed my hours to 1pm and 8pm instead of 2pm and 9pm. This was definitely better and after a week or so it wasn’t a big deal at all, I got used to it quickly. I know 2 meals a day sounds like not enough but those 2 meals were very large meals, packed with calories. So even though my first meal of the day was at 1pm I would eat breakfast, a huge breakfast. Usually, my first meal consisted of something like 3 or 4 eggs, 4 pieces of bacon, 2 pancakes, a bagel, coffee, 2 sausages, and anything else I wanted. My second meal wasn’t a large meal, it was a regular dinner meal. Usually rice, beans, meat, avocado, tomatoes with water. Always a lot of water, I was drinking over 100oz of water a day. Intermittent fasting was the main thing I did to lose weight, I gained 50 pounds during my pregnancy and after I gave birth I kept about 35 pounds. Before I was pregnant I weighed 110 pounds and my highest weight during pregnancy was about 160 pounds. Today, I weigh 105 pounds. Intermittent fasting helped a lot and it wasn’t as difficult to adjust to as I thought it would be. The second biggest thing I did was stop snacking all day. I didn’t realize I was doing this for a long time but I noticed I was pretty much eating all day, whenever I could I would head to the kitchen, I think most of the time I wasn’t even hungry I was just bored or anxious. I noticed sometimes when I had downtime I would go to the kitchen to eat something and when I couldn’t decide what to eat, I realized I wasn’t even hungry. That was a huge turning point for me, it made a massive difference. Of course, I still snack during the day but nowhere near how I used too. During my intermittent fasting, I would have a snack in between meals and it was a pretty decent sized snack since basically, between the hours of 1pm-8pm, I ate a lot, I did eat healthy most day but a lot of times I didn’t, I didn’t want to be too hard on myself and get overwhelmed. I wasn’t starving while I was fasting, I was hungry waiting until 1pm to eat but it wasn’t unbearable, as long as I kept myself busy, I wouldn’t even notice, and with a small baby, I was definitely busy.



I’m going to be honest here, I didn’t do much exercise. I did 30 minutes a day of simple cardio, I did some push-ups, squats, sit-ups, planks, running in place. I looked up quick and easy full body workouts on Pinterest and YouTube. I did these while Bella was napping during that day or night when she would go to sleep. In my opinion, losing weight comes mostly from your diet and minimal exercise. Another thing I did was go on walks with Bella, when she was really small I wore her in a baby carrier, now that she’s older I just take her in the stroller. I wasn’t focused on getting toned, I was focused on losing weight, burning fat, that’s why this worked for me.

I know this isn’t going to work for everybody but I’ve heard a lot of people have been trying out intermittent fasting and I just wanted to share how it worked for me. I don’t do intermittent fasting like I used too, I’m a lot for lenient about it. Now, I wake up around 6 or 7 am, I’ll have coffee around 8am and I won’t eat until noon, sometimes 1pm. I’ll eat again around 7pm and then have a snack until I go to bed around 9 or 10pm. Consistency is key, drinking plenty of water, cut down on soda or juice, prepare homemade meals!!!!

I know losing weight isn’t this easy for many people but the first step is to start. Do your own research, I learned a lot about intermittent fasting and it was what worked out for my lifestyle the best. Good luck!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email.

Thank you for reading.

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