10 month baby update and milestones.

Bella turned 10 months on the 15 of May and since she’s getting close to being a year old I’m going to make an update on basically what’s been going on with her lately, milestones, what her day to day routine is like and all that stuff.

Recently, we hit a huge milestone. SHE WALKED. Completely on her own on May 3rd. She pulled herself up on the couch and I stood a couple feet away from her with my arms out and she let go of the couch and walked towards me.

Well, it’s more like she fell into my arms but she still walked first.

We do that all the time now and she’s gotten way better at it. She’ll let go of the couch, stand still for a few seconds then start walking. She has a hard time finding her balance without pulling herself up first. If we stand her up, she can’t seem to find her balance while she holds on to us.

She babbles a lot but she says “dada” clear as day. Every time she looks at something or grabs it, I say what it is. Lately, she’s had a huge interest in my keys, so whenever we pass by it she’ll reach for it and I’ll let her grab it and I’ll say “keys” to her. I read every day to her. I talk to her all the time, so hopefully, she’ll pick up on more words soon.

She’s currently in 12-month clothing, they fit her juuuust a little too big but 9-month clothing fits her too small.

If you read my post about sleep training you’ll know she sleeps in her own room in a crib and she sleeps from 6 pm to about 6-6:30 am.

She’s been crawling for a while now, since about 7 or 8 months old, she crawls super fast, it’s crazy. She can pull herself on pretty much anything, she’ll even walk if she has her hands up against a wall. Also, her hair is crazy long. She loves being read too and her favorite book right now is “brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?” It’s the only book she’ll stay completely still for.

Oh, today I let her have a tiny sip of iced coffee, she liked it. Obviously.

She can clap now, not perfectly but she gets it, if she sees other people clapping, she’ll clap too. If you pretend to chase her to tickle her or something, she’ll squeal and crawl away. She loves peekaboo too, so she understands games.

She’s mostly using sippy cups with handles now, she can hold on to the handles and feed herself. She eats about 2 meals a day, she used to love being fed with a spoon but now she prefers to grab the food and feed herself so I just make sure her highchair table is clean and I’ll put the food on it and she just grabs it and eats it. It’s a huge mess. I still try to feed her with a spoon though and I’ll let her hold it too just so she doesn’t forget how to eat with a spoon. Her favorite food is mac n cheese but she also loves strawberries, pasta, rice, beans, ground beef, baby puffs, baby crackers, that kind of stuff. Usually, whatever I’m eating, I’ll let her have some, especially if she’s never had it before.

We watch BabyBum alllllllll day, it’s a little show that originated on YouTube and it’s now on Netflix, it’s literally just short, animated music videos to classic nursery rhymes. She never actually watches it but we keep it on in the background for the music, her favorite song used to be “5 little ducks” but I don’t think it is anymore, I’m going to have to start introducing her to new music.

I’ve taken her to the park a few times, she just crawls around and pulls herself on the bars. I’ll also let her go down the slide, I just make sure to actually still be holding her the whole way down, sometimes we’ll go down the slide together with her in my lap.

We recently got her a new car seat. She hasn’t outgrown her infant car seat yet but it just seemed like right time to upgrade, also we stopped using the car seat on the stroller as a travel system and now we just use the main part of the stroller. Which means we’re not taking the car seat out of the car anymore so we just bought a convertible car seat that doesn’t get taken out of the car anyway. We bought a Graco Extend2Fit, it’s pretty cool. It has 2 cup holders sooo.

She has 2 teeth, the bottom ones. I brush her teeth every day……….I mean I try, she’s not a fan of it. I’ll link what we use at the end. I think she may have another tooth coming soon, one of the top ones, I think I saw something a few days ago but I don’t feel anything.

I feel like that’s pretty much it, I’m sure I left something out though so if there’s any baby milestone or questions you have always feel free to contact me.


The toothbrush and toothpaste set we use.

Her favorite book.






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